“Thank you so much for teaching us such valuable information! Your calm and knowledgeable way of speaking and giving over evidence-based info really gave us a positive perspective on giving birth naturally and instilled faith in me that I could do it! You gave us food for thought to take home and discuss with each other each week and gave us time for our questions.”

“If you’re looking for a professional birthing course which will leave you feeling more educated and comfortable with your upcoming birth, this is perfect for you. Rachelle makes both the partners feel comfortable, relaxed and well informed for the upcoming big day. She is extremely knowledgable and makes sure you understand and appreciate everything you need to about each topic before moving on to the next one. This course is unique in that in incorporates mindfulness exercises which allow you to really understand how your body and mind work. Thanks so much Rachelle and highly recommended!”

“I realized that the practice of mindfulness may be a significantly more in-depth and better way to “prepare” for birth than learning all the information out there… if I am able to be present and aware I don’t really need all that information.” 

“I really enjoyed the way you led the workshop – on one hand very clear and professional, on the other hand very open to sharing and sensitive to the needs of the participants. I felt as though you really granted all of us confidence in our own abilities to be aware, connected, and deal with issues in the best way for us.” 

“I feel a LOT calmer about the whole process. I feel I have a “tool set” to access.”

“I wanted to let you know that even four years later, your classes were invaluable to me (in my next birth) in helping me make decisions and stay calm in what turned out to be a very crazy delivery.” 

“I really want to thank you – the course was amazing and your teaching style and guidance really put us in the right frame of mind.”

“Two weeks ago I gave birth to our daughter, and I did it in the comfort and safety of our home, and it was a really positive experience! And even though people don’t tend to take the classes a second time, I still think of you and thank you for your inspiration through your class (I still emphatically recommend you to friends in Jerusalem!). “

“Feeling confident and empowered is incredibly important and I don’t think the internet can give that extra boost of confidence the way an instructor and peers will during a childbirth course.”

“Our birth was an incredibly positive experience. We know that everything we learned in the course helped us have a completely natural birth. This was the greatest day of our lives!

This class was invaluable for me and my husband. We had the knowledge we needed to prepare for the birth, conquer any fears we had, understand everything that was happening in real time, communicate well with the hospital staff, make informed choices, and cope with the challenges of the labor itself. I used every mindfulness technique (and many of the birthing positions) that we learned and had the confidence to rely on them after practicing them in class. We also had a class that talked about the postpartum period and I found what we learned there very useful as well. I’m so happy we took this class and highly recommend it.”

“Suffice it to say – the birth was my DREAM BIRTH. Absolutely. And it was thanks to you. I am so grateful.”

“Forever grateful to you for helping me have such a first great birthing experience which has allowed me to go on and continue to have great experiences! During labor my husband said to me I think Rachelle’s course was one of the most important things we have done in our lives!”

“I attended Rachelle’s Mind In Labor workshop during my first pregnancy. As an Obstetrician, the one piece of advice about birth I give to any woman who asks is to “go with the flow” – in any birth there are so many variables, so many interacting factors, things can change in an instant… birth (though wonderful!) can be scary and stressful, and is always unpredictable. Which is why I think mindfulness is so appropriate as a tool for birth preparation – it can be used both to manage physical pain, and also to manage the mental and emotional stress of the inevitable twists and turns along the path to delivering a baby. If you can “be in the moment”, you can “go with the flow”. Through my observation of many women in labour, I have come to believe that women who approach birth with the right attitude have better medical outcomes (less interventions and complications), as well as more positive birth experiences.

Personally I found mindfulness extremely useful both during my pregnancy and through my birth. The techniques I learned helped me keep calm in anticipation of the birth, and also to stay in the moment throughout my labour.

In particular, during labour I found that mindfulness helped me to appreciate and enjoy the time between contractions, so I was able to rest and gather energy to go forward. I also used skills developed in the seminar to manage the contractions themselves. Overall I was fortunate to have an empowering and positive birth experience.

Thank you!”